popia goreng
rescuesFriday, September 8, 2017Leave a comment

i can never save you
in drowning thoughts
of yours

i can never made you
feel better
with the presence of me

because you don't need savings
the rescues from me
you are capable of
being okay with just
being you

that's what special in you

now, you can be sure that
i will be there
whenever you need me 😊

maybeMonday, August 7, 2017Leave a comment

maybe one day
you'll find yourself with

maybe someday
we would disagree something
there'll be

maybe in the future
we'd look to each other
but it wasnt the same way
like months ago
we tease each other

there will always be

but it doesn't matter now
if you could break me
break my heart thousand times
disappoint me with
all the fake promises
and i will always remember
the first time i met the guy
that i will always adore
till this day ❤🙂

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