popia goreng
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i wish i could tell you that i miss u i miss our wednesday i miss your laugh i miss ur smirk i miss your kening i miss everything about you i wish i could see u 24 hours daily but sometimes i think u didnt wish that sometimes i get speechless during our otps cuz i just want to hear ur voice 😂 i am so thankful you are still here despite our fights yes i do regret it, truly because when we shud be having good times. we fight. sometimes i dont really understand my feelings cuz everytime with u it feels like the first time i ever fall in love. with u, it's worth the wait, worth every heartbreak, worth every second. i shudnt love u because we r not crossing that path, but i love u ☺ and i cant stop. i get worried abt u more than i ever worried about myself. i wish u the happiest day in ur life even thought you dont need this wish but yeah keep smiling!! sometimes i just wish i matters the most just like how u r to me. xoxo bye

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does it gets better
when times go by
then why is it coming back
when im at the lowest

does it really gone
when u claimed
that u r cured
but why its keep haunting me

depressed nya hadoi

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