popia goreng
rotten flowersThursday, October 19, 2017Leave a comment

which way to go
when all the roads
lead me to dark places
as embers in my heart
glows dimmer and dimmer
till it was gone

they tell me what i feel
is completely false
but comforting people is wrong
cuz you know
a lie is a lie
there's no denying it

all i ever wanted
is to have my heart
blooms again
even with rotten flowers

sometimes people just
get tired with you
bored of you
and there's no denying it too

oceanWednesday, October 18, 2017Leave a comment

my mind screaming
and i lay still
staring at ceiling
hoping it'll leave

swam across an ocean
ocean of thoughts
in hope I'll leave behind
but I'm right where I started

they said I don't realize
they said I don't care
and when i wish
everything fall into place
my mind pulls me
back to misery i belong

guess I'm a fool then
i can't even shut my mind

only me can fix me

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