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CutieThursday, July 20, 2017Leave a comment

This post for a guy
who sulk like a cutie kitty
But i think he's a cutie

I know it's worth in the end
Even without those endings
Because i am confident
This friendship would be long lasting

We're each other's team
I got your back
You'd be by my side
Take my hand *berlapik*
Let's take this journey together
Even when you failed,
I'll never gave up 🙆

You knew gegurl,
Even when you smirk,
I felt like it was hearty eyes,
Even when you're mad,
I am going to stay 😎

We're like langit dan bumi
You're going to north
I am going to the south
But there will be an intersection
Where we met later
Cuz there's magnet attracts us

You're still a cutie,
Even without your smile,
And that's your eyebrows 😍🔥

Jangan merajuk awek

Harder than i thoughtSaturday, July 8, 2017Leave a comment

These days been hard,
Because all this time,
I just wanted to be heard,
And all people do is leave.

But you listen.

Is it hard for me to be fully happy?
Or i was just faking it
All this time
I thought i was invisible
When people talk
When people laugh
I wasn't think that i was
One of them

But i feel different when I'm with you,
I'm feeling myself,
I always look forward to see u
Compared to them,
Not that I wasn't appreciating
But you can't change
What you feel

This week had been hard for me
I wish it wasn't for you
Cuz all i ever wanted is to
Tell what i feel
Not that i ask for sympathy
But I'd be thankful for you

Hope you'd stay,
We have been this close since March right?
Love ya! Take care xoxo

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