popia goreng
C o m p a r eMonday, June 26, 2017Leave a comment

I always compared myself
Between me and her
My scale of badness
My scale of flaws
My scale of darkness

I wish I wasn't that mad that day
I wish I didn't say sorry
Because she don't even sorry
When she did all things for you

I got insecure with her strength
With her effort for you
I wish i was the only one
So I don't even bother
To compare

Insecurities hurt
Because I'm flawed
I'm scarred
Sometimes i wonder why 
Did u even bother to stay
With so much imperfection on me

She's so confident with the future
I'm so jealous about that. Too.

Don't bother to look at her okay?
Please :(

And if u ever got something to tell,
Just say it okay
I'll be there to listen :)

love ya (eh tak tak) jk jk

s t a ySunday, June 18, 2017Leave a comment

I wasn’t hoping for more,
Just a guy who cared about me,
Noticed me when I was miserable,
Liking me even I am in sorrow.

Because these thoughts won’t leave my mind,
Feels like never be good enough,
Annoyed you when I wanted to be there,
When i was worried about you,
and you are worried about me too.

I do feel like a burden,
To someone who likes me.

It was enough to know you like me,
Even without those love,
I hope in return,
It is always enough,
Because you are here.

Thank you for staying <3

(hope my friends aren't a burden too)

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