popia goreng
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ur different now (:

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how do u know when u r in love?
how do u recognize this feeling?
is it when u start missing them?
or when u cant stop
looking at them
since the beginning

it seems crazy
but my mind is crazier
it's spring in my heart
whenever you are around
but it's winter in my life
when i started missing you

i am unsure about ur feelings
whether we r at the same side
am i suppose to be here

maybe u werent ready for heartbreaks
maybe u wont love me too
but i will love you
cuz these unsure feelings
wont make me stop
only you
capable of
crush my heart

maybe u thought
it seems so easy
people gave hearts to one another
but think back
when i hold my heart
for u
for months

u dont have to fear
take my hand
we get through this together
whenever u r ready

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This life wasnt
Promising us any
Happiness or sadness
Until you work for it
And got something in return

I am not loving u for returns
Heartbreak after heartbreak
I just want someone
To fill days with colours
Like the sky in Tanjung Malim

Thanks, my love ❤
I shudnt call u as love yet
But you had my heart
Longer than i was expecting

YouMonday, May 8, 2017Leave a comment

I admire you,
Protecting other's heart
When u r hurting
When u dislike them
U always been so strong
While i tripped in this lonely road

U always been so cute to me
Even u saw urself
As imperfect person
But i saw u as a person
Who shines my world
In lonely hours

U know how much i miss u right?
I wish i could just run
And finally meet you
Cuz talking with you
In person feels different
Dm-ing you feels nice
But seeing you
Keeps my heart beating 

it still feels like a dream
Sweet dreams
As i hope for u 
everyday in silence before

DearWednesday, May 3, 2017Leave a comment

Dear diary,
Today was not a fine day,
While everyone is having fun,
I feel lost in the middle of hallway,
While everyone is laughing,
I look up at the sky,
When all of these,
Would end,

I keep hurting people,
Hurt those who love me,
When i can't love in return,
Hurt those who crying,
When i was selfish,
Taking care of,
My own heart.

Something that I wasn't afraid of,
Is always loving you,
It's worth the pain,
Worth the sacrifices,
Cuz all i ever wanted these months,
Is the day you called me
As mine.

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