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whyyySunday, April 30, 2017Leave a comment

why just cant
i am the only one
just to like you
why did it have to be
someone else too?

why just cant
these things be easier
when it was just
you and me

why just cant
i be the one
you think about when
you wake up
as you are on my mind

why did i feel like
someone try to steal you
or i am stealing you
or, is it i am a psycho
or i just
care about you?

but one thing for sure
i could break
just for you,
you know why aren't you? ;)

itzzTuesday, April 25, 2017Leave a comment

is it normal?
to love someone this deeply
because it feels like
i could lost something
but i am still here, waiting.

is it real?
all these feelings
if it wasnt,
why should i be standing
in the corner of heartache

i do have doubts
i do have thoughts
when my mind is filled about u,
it seems impossible they said
when its clearly im yours

i need to be sure
of these feelings
i need to be sure
about what you thinking
cuz u r all that matters
in this heart of mine

half smiled
i let go all those thinkings
cuz i know what i'm searchin' for
this life, this heart
wanted to be with you

InsideThursday, April 20, 2017Leave a comment

this post is unintentional
from a soul, with a heart
But all of this is for you

she think it's a race,
who would love more
but i think it's destiny
who deserves to be loved and loved

at 3 a.m,
my blood is rushing through my veins,
and it enters my heart,
like it wrote to my heart
your name.

at this starry night,
i pick a star and wishing for you,
so much distance between me and the star
but distance wont matters,
like distance that kept us apart

at this moment,
if my wish don't even granted,
if my dreams won't come true,
i would never get disappointed,
when a part of myself
was filled with your love.

if u ever read this,

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