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blahblahTuesday, November 15, 2016Leave a comment

nobody deserves to be your world
become the ruler of ur happiness
become the reason to smile
and to shatter tears

losing them meant to lose your world
lost in the way of success
just lost...

it is always two choices
to believe or to lost faith
to love or to hate
to be friends or strangers

blame me now
when all the faults on you
put assumption on me now
when the truth showed differently

u put me on sorrow
but i remember i was alone before
there's no difference now
though u r not here anymore

u wore the pride on ur shoulder
like the world just in ur grip
but ur weaknesses are beauty
and all the attentions they could give

someday u would know how it felt
someday u would know how it hurts
i am not holding any grudge
but at least, i need to hear a 'sorry'
if it's not because how u react
how could i hold so many feelings?

nobody deserve itSaturday, November 12, 2016Leave a comment

It's time
it's time for me to believe in myself
to trust myself that I can rise again
it's time
it's time for me to put myself first
for me to be happy on my own

nobody deserves it
nobody deserves to cry on their own
nobody deserves nothing else but to know
but not knowing by themselves
that they trust all months, all days

but tears don't worth for someone like that
someone that keep hiding behind a shadow
willing to lie
when all the choice is just say

this world prove them wrong
they are more coward people
than someone who are brave
to say that it's his fault :)

goodbye young man,
good luck.

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