how do u know when u r in love?
how do u recognize this feeling?
is it when u start missing them?
or when u cant stop
looking at them
since the beginning

it seems crazy
but my mind is crazier
it's spring in my heart
whenever you are around
but it's winter in my life
when i started missing you

i am unsure about ur feelings
whether we r at the same side
am i suppose to be here

maybe u werent ready for heartbreaks
maybe u wont love me too
but i will love you
cuz these unsure feelings
wont make me stop
only you
capable of
crush my heart

maybe u thought
it seems so easy
people gave hearts to one another
but think back
when i hold my heart
for u
for months

u dont have to fear
take my hand
we get through this together
whenever u r ready