maybe i watch a lot of fairy tales,
maybe i am dreaming so much these days
i always wanted to be that kind girl
i always wanted to be that clever one
i always wanted to be that sporting one

looking to the mirror
figuring out what was wrong
the mirror said nothing, but this
i am the bad one
and always be

my mistakes haunting me
like there is no escape here
my past told me, i am pathetic
my future told me, stop pretending

i wish they are wrong
i know they are clueless
let them be, let them talk
they aren't talking about me
they are talking about themselves

am i a actress in a musical
for them to laugh at
when all they should do
is correct me?

i wish they saw my tears
by the window
looking at the moon
waiting for the shooting stars
to wish everything

i wish they saw my tears
when i did in my doa
that all this would change
even a little bit

but all they saw
all they heard, all they thought
are my scars, that i would keep doing that
even when i realise

did they forgot,
i am still a human being?