listen close
hear i said
it might shocking you
but it always been the truth

take a deep breath
i know it's hard
it's even harder for me
to see you brokenhearted
i wanted you to smile
even though
happier than me

i know it's unbearable
you two always been one
and then i came

i know it's changed
you always been the one
you always been that friend
that he looked for
that he loved to be with
and then, i came

you might hate me now
i know you will turn away
even i didnt know you
i bring you sorrow
even we don't know each other
sometimes, unknowns
affect you more than
someone you ever know

friends sacrifice for ur happiness
but strangers hurt you even more
parents wanted to see you happy
but stranger accidentally
stole your happiness
a split of second

there you were again
heartbreaking here and there
begging for love in return
but you knew
he is not coming
coming, coming, coming
you waiting for nothing
for years you are there
you always been there
but it was useless
after all this time