i don't know which one i should believe
this dark heart
or complicated mind
how i wish i could tell everyone
what am i feeling right now
but i cared their expression too much
than my soul

i wish i could be you
forgetting must be so easy for you
till i was eliminated from your life
and you didnt even saw me
when i was just beside you

but then i met someone
i could tell he's better than you
not that i am comparing
but you could lie about feelings
and i hope he didn't
he finds me
while you ignore me
and find somebody else

but then, your friend had feelings for me
i cant like him
not because appearance
because when i see him
i see you
it's hard for me
because we are friends
i tried to not contacting with you
now that we wont meet
ever again

i could tell you are just care about my feelings before
but it hurts even more
when i knew by myself
it didnt make any differences
after all

and then one day
you are joking with me
about feelings
you could play with your words
but not my heart
its ok i am good in pretending
its ok i am good in bottling up feelings

but i know you very well
the deepest part of your heart
remember that