l o v e

it is not easy to just moving on. i bet it took years......whatever. but people seems dont really fully move on. ask for forgiveness, from everyone around you, and from you too. because you hurt yourself for the wrong people

it's not really wrong to love someone. your family, even your friends. i even love classmates too. but it is not even wrong to feel brokenhearted. at least, you have something, to remember about them. don't regret, just thankful for their existence.

it's not like they always bring bad memories to you, remember those sweetest too. 

from friends to love and friends back. it's not wrong. you should just change the view of love. love doesnt meant to be always long-lasting, you can be friends. why not?

yeah they hurt you, but do you ever hurt someone before?

we love for little things, don't leave because of little things. make friends last. hating caused you to care about them, even more, about their life. so why hate?

think back. we are not even perfect for somebody. even though someone dislike you, you have even more people to share memories with. it's not like they are the last people on Earth. I know it will never be the same, but are you going to sacrifice your future with thinking of that somebody.

don't hate. love everyone. around you.

hello somebody. i accidentally like you